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Novedo fuses experience, creativity and data to grow your business.



Proven experience and real results. Our team includes multiple CMOs of successful high growth companies, and has generated tens of millions of dollars per month for our clients.


Our team knows all the best channels and tactics, and uses a holistic, creative approach to design the optimal roadmap for your business. Strategies are integrated to work in harmony and multiply your return on investment.


We’re driven by verifiable results, and use data to ensure maximum value and positive returns on your investment. We believe in communication and transparency, and you’ll always have access to these numbers.

How We Grow Revenue


We develop a growth roadmap to maximise returns for your business.


We implement the strategy, so all you have to do is watch your profits grow.


We assign an experienced CMO to work directly with you and your team. 


We show you verifiable results backed up by real data.

Let Novedo create and run your growth strategy

We'll develop a plan to maximize result, and then we'll put it to work for you.

Lean pack

Start here to kickstart growth, with a FREE custom strategy. Small changes can make a big difference, and quickly bring in new customers and revenue.
Become searchable and accessible to potential leads in your community, and spread the word about your services and products.
We’ll lay out all the steps to achieving fast results.

Plus pack

Build your client list and increase revenue with strong branding that aligns with your bsiness, values and goals.
We’ll optimize your brand and use only the most effective growth tactics to draw eyes and customers to your business.
This pack includes a FREE custom growth strategy.

Premium pack

A 360 growth plan for optimized web presence, engaging content, profesional campaigns, and increased visibility.
This complete pack covers it all, with proven strategies to achieve your specific goals whlile maximizing value.
This pack includes a FREE growth strategy.

High Growth pack

With this fully customizable pack, the sky is the limit. We’ll utilize all our resources and work closely with you to create a thorough results driven growth strategy.
Our team will carefully craft campaigns and services that meet your needs and achieve even your loftiest of goals.
No matter how ambitious your vision, contact us to discuss the ways we can help you get there.

Custom Growth Strategy 

Let us draw the path to success for you. Your company is brimming with untapped potential, and our straight-forward plans will show you how to turn it into revenue. We’ll work closely with you to identify your goals and needs, and hone in on the best tactics to achieve fast results, with long-term value. Custom plans will put your business?needs into perspective, so you can go on to make well-informed and worthwhile investments. There’s no obligation when you purchase a growth strategy, so why not start here?


Our Unbeatable Team

Michael Julian

A specialist in launching and growing  startups. Michael served as CMO at multiple  startups, taking them from small businesses to multi-million dollar corporations. Led teams to $5m monthly revenue.

Krzysztof Gilowski

Co-founder of a branding and copywriting agency operating in 3 countries and formerly of a content marketing agency. With a background in persuasive copywriting.

Davide Villano

Founder of 3 startups, one of  them valued at over €100m. With a  background in Consulting, Project Management and Engineering.

Rafał Zomerfeld
Senior Marketing Manager

A specialist in the automotive industry having  been responsible for brands including Volvo, Toyota, Jaguar, Land Rover & Aston Martin,  as well as serving as CMO at a startup in the energy sector.

Tomasz Dziedzic
Senior Marketing Manager

Former head of marketing for EMEA for one of the world’s largest suppliers  of water management components and served as CMO for Poland’s largest event  management company.

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